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Mapleton Government - Portfolio Descriptions

Buildings/Grounds and Equipment

Ensures the City of Mapleton properties and equipment are repaired, maintained, & cleaned.  Advises PW as to repairs & cleaning of the community center, leased office space, office, shop, parking areas, cemetery, gravel roads, and city property grounds  Communicates new equipment needs & repairs to council making emergency decisions on behalf of the city.   Ensures mowing/trimming, pumping/ water removal, and regular equipment maintenance is preformed as needed. 

Public Works and Safety

Ensures the safety of all city employees is maintained and advises council as to needs.   Works closely with PW employees & Water Superintendent insuring certifications, compliance, and regulations are followed and met.  Directs Public Works closely with both on water, sewer, storm sewers, culverts, and lagoon related purchases, repairs, maintenance, and related activities.  


Reviews all personnel policies, resumes, job applications and benefits pertaining to employees of the city.   Responsible for interviewing potential candidates and making recommendations to the council.  

Handles all personnel issues relating to employment as stated in the Mapleton Employee Personnel Manual


Works closely with city auditor and accountant reviewing all the financial information, budgeting, spending, business of the city, and making recommendations to the city council  authorized to sign on all city accounts (2 signatures required).   Reviews expenditures pertaining to needs of the city relating to recommendations from City Council Portfolio holders to maintenance and/or repair/purchases to any city structures, utility, streets, vehicles, etc. and in emergency situations. 

Community Development

Communicating with new companies, developers, businesses, and current landowners for development of new housing, retail, commercial, industrial, etc.  Initiation of projects for the benefit of the city, researching grant opportunities, expansion, retail opportunities, recreation, and beautification.    Works closely with the city planner.  Recruiter for committees, funding, donations, communication, advertising the city, opportunities within the city, housing available, etc.